Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fairday's Blog! is nominated for Versatile Blog Award

Thank you to The Write Game for nominating Fairday's Blog! for the Versatile Blogger Award! We appreciate your support and always look forward to your comments. There are so many wonderful blogs that we follow, we couldn't narrow it down to just, please stay for a spell and check out the literary blogs that we frequent. There are great reviews, fabulous book giveaways, and some really insightful writing.
Happy reading to you all! 

Just for fun, here are a few interesting things about us : ) 

Seven Random Facts About Stephanie Robinson:
1. I didn't want to read Harry Potter and didn't get started until  
the 3rd book was out.  Once someone convinced me to read the first one, I was hooked!
2.  Mornings are not my friend. I am definitely a night owl.
3.  I can almost always remember some of my dreams from the night before.
4.  I once got hit in the head with a shovel and broke my collarbone in the same week. Both were accidents involving different people.
5.  I read every day and sometimes in the summer I will read up to three books a day.
6.  I have been to 45 states- many of them more than once.
7.  I am afraid of heights, but I once went on a hot air balloon ride and it was a beautiful view!

Seven Random Facts About Jessica Haight:
1.  I love the show MASH.
2.  I once sprained my ankle playing Nintendo and had to wear an air cast for three weeks.
3.  I listen to Jim Dale read Harry Potter almost every night.
4.  I prefer to be barefoot most of the time if I can help it.
5.  I absolutely love graphic novels, especially the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.
6.  I am a big fan of Madonna.
7.  I have wanted a horse for as long as I can remember. 


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  2. (Sorry, I'd wanted to add the last line to my comment ...)

    Now I feel I know you ladies even better!

    Stephanie, how I envy your reading speed. (3 books a day?) I seem to be getting better at remembering my dreams these years, too.

    And Jess, I've always wanted a horse, and I like Neil Gaiman as well.

    Congrats on the award!

  3. Thanks Claudine! I swear, everyone else has a horse but me! LOL : ) I still harass my mother about it every Christmas and birthday that passes- 37 and still no pony with a big red bow in the backyard... ~ Jess

  4. I was reluctant to let my daughter read Harry Potter, but now that she is a little bit older, she is devouring it!

    I haven't read them yet myself, but I hope to in time.

    I didn't know Jim Dale read the audio version.


  5. My sister was a keen horsewoman and always wanted me to accompany her on rides but I never got over the fear of being so high up. I would rather muck out stables than ride! Congratulations on your award.

  6. Interesting facts about the authors. Hit in the head with a shovel? Ouch! And then Jessica broke her ankle playing Nintendo- that is something that would happen to me.

  7. Congratulations on the award! Interesting that you didn't read Harrry Potter as soon as it came out. I started reading it after the fourth book came out, and immediately wondered why I'd waited so long.

    Jess--so sad that you never got a horse. Buck up, there's still time (unless of course you move to a high rise apartment)!

  8. I didn't want to read HP either- but now it's my favorite series! Interesting facts!

  9. @Claudine- Thanks! I know I can get a bit crazy with reading. I love to read- so I guess I am lucky that I can read super fast!

    @ruthill74- Harry Potter is amazing. You have to read them for yourself to see how fabulous they are. I highly recommend listening to Jim Dale reading them!

    @Flex- Ouch is right!

    @Greg and Trey- I can't believe I waited to read HP- but it just didn't appeal to me when I saw it in stores. Thank goodness a student had me read the fist one and I was hooked instantly!

    Thanks, guys! ~Stephanie


Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We love to hear your thoughts! Fairday's Blog is no longer accepting awards. We appreciate all the nominations that we have received and are honored to have been mentioned! Happy Reading!

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