Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Answer to Monday's Riddle: It's a Llama!

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week we're visiting a Llama. Margo has a wonderful book to share, and Friday we'll be chatting with Anna Dewdney, so be sure to check back! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F 

I'm very handsome and look quite serious. If seen on a farm, you may become curious. I've lots of fur that's soft and thick, but if you come too close you could get a lick. I'm from South America, but I've traveled far. In certain places I'm used like a car. I carry heavy packs with style and grace, though I tend to make a funny face. I'm very friendly, but I've a habit of spitting. My fur is made into lush yarn for knitting. There's lots to know about my kind, and there's none like me that you'll find. In a story that children know, I wear red pajamas and steal the show. 

What am I? Answer: Llama

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  1. I saw a Llama up close one time when the Las Vegas zoo was still open. You were able to buy a small bag of food and feed them so I did and it spit on me. it was so disgusting. I still think they are really cute animals but I'll never get that close to one again. lol

  2. Oh dear, I was close but not close enough. I look forward to finding out about the book. Barbara.

  3. Darn! I'm late for the riddle. I'll try to catch the next one. :)

  4. Cute creature. I'm not sure if I would've gotten the riddle.

  5. Okay, so my "final" answer was correct. Woo hoo!

  6. I probably would have said Alpaca or something. I don't think of South America and llamas lol. Great riddle!
    Congrats on getting a treadmill!

  7. I was torn between two answers, nice to see I picked the right one... :) Have a great rest of the week xox


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