Recipe for Bookworm Stew

Looking for something fun to do?
Try a helping of Bookworm Stew!

The recipe calls for the following things: a bowl, some letters, and a bell that rings. A spoon and a sparkle are needed as well. When stirred up right, they'll cast their spell. *Whatever you use will work out fine, as long as you follow along each line.  

In a pot, pour some water
Add in any flavor color 
Stir three times, then once more 
Go back again- this time four 
Now, get your letters and toss them in
Set your thoughts on a whistling wind
Watch the brew spin round and round
Then ring a bell to add in sound 
Now just wait, and you shall see
What the story is bound to be 


Did words appear? What do they say? 
String them together, and it's the soup of the day! 

*Stir again whenever you wish, but remember, you never know what's in this dish!

Ah, so it's Caleb's Gardens!
That's where Bookworm Stew is brewed...

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