Monday, January 30, 2023

Fishy Perspectives and Mood Candles: Jess's Musings

I have a fish, his name is Mr. Fish, and he lives in a tank in the middle of my house. Mr. Fish is eleven years old, and he can communicate with me. For instance, if something is off in his tank, he swims as hard as he can and smashes into the glass. It scares the wits out of me, and I check to make sure he's okay. Message received. 

Sometimes it's super nice to shift into low gear and take in the scene. I think of Mr. Fish, and what his daily life must be like. How strange it would be to experience things from his point of view. 🐟

Contemplating perspectives is interesting, and when you relax into the moment and let your mind wander it's easy to get swept up in imagination. Magic lives in details; you must slow down for the experience. 

So feel into your mood and flow with the good vibrations resonating right now. Take a pause to reflect and dream. 

I'll light a mood candle to raise spirits.🕯✨

Mood Candle Art: Raising Spirits 

Mood Candle Art is created with glass jars, acrylic paint, tea lights


Colors Dancing in MIND