Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Swirling Colors & Natural Patterns



Spring has sprung! Nature's colors are popping everywhere, and it's glorious to behold. I've recently finished a new painting, and I took a deeper peep at the colors on my street. The ethereal realm is eternally close at hand, and it's lovely to soak it all in. 

Here's a behind the scenes look at Spiritscape plus the latest session of Microscopic Modern Art: "Spring Bouquet" 

Enjoy the swirling colors while tip-toeing through the tulips!

Spiritscape behind the scenes

Caught a rainbow playing on my painting
Spiritscape on the wall
(11"x14" wood canvas board)
The finished painting

"Spring Bouquet"A deeper peep at the colors on the street. 
Materials used: tulips, bleeding heart, feather, mushroom, dandelion, sage, magnolia, violet.

"Pink Pop"
"Golden Wave'
"Cosmic Eye"
"Tulip Sunrise"
"Pink Splash"
"Purple in Yellow"
"Pink Fingers"
"Left at Leaf Street"
"Violet Lights"
"Secret Cave"
"Faerie Wing"
"Periwinkle Forest"
"Space Between"
"Sun Arch"
"Mirco Sorting Hat"
"Yellow Peep"
"Feather Light"
"Mushroom Landing"
Bits from the street!
Photography & Artwork by Jess Haight