Welcome to the Faerie Market

Hello dearies, and welcome to the faerie market. Just a few things you need to know...

Take a banana with you. If you eat it before noon, it's like gold. If eaten before two, it's like silver. But after two, it has no power. You never know when you'll need one.

I happen to have a banana if you have forgotten yours. I will give you mine... for a price of course. It's not much, just a simple answer I need to know, and the banana is yours.

Do you agree? Yes?

Excellent! Here's what I need to know from you:
What is your favorite color?

Ah! Yes, a lovely choice, reminds me of a smell... thank you.

Now that you have your banana, you will need some fairy gold. What's that? You don't have any? You can collect some from the cowslips- you will find them hiding here.

Very well; gold, banana, what else? Ah yes, something you already possess. Grasp tightly onto your imagination and enjoy the market my pretties.

Fear not the unexpected!

"Gaze into my crystal ball..."

"Welcome to my booth. What do you fancy? I suggest the mirror. You never know what you'll find in your reflection. Just keep looking until what you seek is revealed." 

$1 piece of fairy gold

Try something new. 
Have some Bookworm Stew!

$2 pieces of fairy gold

Click to see a fairy, eat the banana, now be merry : )  

Until next time little darlings! 
Keep the magic ; ) 

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  1. Dear Margo,
    How may I send you review copies of children's books?
    Thanks, Lois reluctantspy@gmail.com


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