Saturday, January 28, 2012

The DMS Wants to Know!

Lizzy and I are both excited to meet Greg Slomba tomorrow at Two Steps Down Grille in Danbury, CT- where he will be signing copies of his book, The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel . The DMS was lucky enough to interview him on the blog (check out the interview) after Lizzy reviewed the book (read the review). We've been looking forward to it all week, chatting about what other authors we would like to meet in person, and we would love to hear what you guys think! ~ F

The DMS wants to know... 
If you could meet any author, who would it be? Why? 

We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours! 

~ Greg will be signing copies of his book January 29, 2012 @ Two Steps Down Grille in Danbury, CT from 11AM- 2PM ~

Check out the book on


  1. Hmmm, if I could meet any author it would probably be Stephen King. He's a bit of an inspiration to me - writing so many amazing books and overcoming so many problems in his life.

  2. I would be excited to meet any author! Meeting Rick Riordan would be really cool. I would love that!

  3. Alas, but mine would be Edgar Allan Poe. As for a modern day writer, I can't think of one I'd like to meet.

  4. I would like to meet J.K. Rowling. I think she is brilliant and very down to earth. I'd also like to meet Stephen King along with Small Blonde Hippy.

  5. I would have loved to have met Charles Dickens or Jane Austen--two of my favorites! Probably Jane Austen is tops for me. It would have been neat to talk to a female author back then!

  6. Either Joyce Carol Oates or Ray Bradbury for me. (Or Maxine Hong Kingston.) But I probably would like to watch them from afar better. Don't think I'd be able to make any sense if I had to speak to them!

  7. J. K Rowling for sure here! Or maybe Angela Carter. I love her books...

  8. I would love to have met Roald Dahl. I’ve always loved Charlie and the chocolate factory (book and movie).

  9. Hm. I'm going to assume you're talking about living authors. That's still a tough question. I think I'd narrow it down between Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Louise Erdich, and Anne Tyler. Aw crap, almost forgot about Umberto Eco. Can't forget him.

  10. @Small Blonde Hippy- Stephen King would be an amazing author to meet!

    @Trey- Rick Riordan is cool. Lizzy got to meet him three years ago and said he was really nice!

    @Donna- Poe would be fascinating for sure!

    @Melissa- Either King or Rowling would be awesome!

    @ruthill- Two fantastic authors. Jane Austen would be very inspirational.

    @Claudine- Great authors. I think I am with you- I would be too nervous to speak. I might prefer just to watch them. :)

    @Varsha- I love J.K. Rowling too! I don't even know what I would do if I met her!

    @Barbara- Roals Dahl is so quirky and fun- I bet he would be a blast to meet!

  11. I just bought the ook because I do love books like this...I want to meet John Stevens...he wrote The Emerald Atlas...I loved loved loved that book.

  12. @Jennifer- Great choices!

    @momto8- I love CS Lewis!!

    @Patty- I haven't read The Emerald Atlas- but it sounds like a fantastic read and I hope to get a chance to read it soon!

  13. Who else for me but J.K. Rowling- I think that meeting her would be just about the coolest thing ever- if I could hold myself together that is, and not have my insides turn into jello : ) ~ F

  14. Wow! How fun to read everyone's answers! There are so many amazing authors out there and I try to meet any authors that come near my house. It is so fun to hear them talk and have them sign my book. Still, if I could meet any author- it would have to be J.K. Rowling. Sorry to repeat Fairday's answer- but The Harry Potter series is my absolute favorite. The books are so enchanting that I would love to meet the master herself! I might be too nervous to meet her- but what a thrill it would be!

  15. LOL Lizzy- OF COURSE it's J.K- we only chat about it all the time : ) ~ F

  16. Definitely Rick Riordan! I thought the Percy Jackson series was awesome!

  17. My top choices would have to be:
    1. J.K. Rowling,because, well, Harry Potter...
    2. Libba Bray because her books are all different and I would love to know how she gets her ideas (plus, anyone willing to do a book trailer wearing a cow costume is awesome - read Going Bovine!) and
    3. Garth Nix because the Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen trilogy was amazing. I would also like to meet Tim Curry - not an author but he read the trilogy for the audio books and was amazing!


  18. PRETTY NEAT BLOG....LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND....stopping by from Book Blogs to take a look around.




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