Spooky Stroll

It's the perfect time of year for a spooky walk through an enchanted forest. You never know what you'll find in these woods, anything's possible!

"Hello! I'm Mystrella, and I'm here to keep you on the right path in these tricky woods. My friends will help too, but I wouldn't trust Cat, and keep clear of Spider's web, unless you 'd like to get caught up in a story. Now then, If you've gathered your wits, follow me, but step lightly upon entering the forest. You don't want to wake up anything we'd rather stay asleep."

"Colors burst amidst the buzzing and flurry of letting things go. The cycle turns, and the forest radiates magic for those who see. For those who do not; be warned, you will."

"Meow, human. You meowst likely need directions. I could point out the right way, but that's not meow style; take the road to the cottage in the middle of the dancing trees. There you'll find Snake sipping soup. Ask him to tell you where tricky Spider is. If you're lucky, he won't bite. If you're something special, he'll give you a hiss. Meow."

"You've found Cottage #5, and Snake didn't bite. You must be something special. The next part of the journey won't be so easy. To continue, you must find the secret water and answer the nymph's question. If you're correct, she'll show you the way to the Faerie Market. Only the cleverest humans can enter. If you do, prepare to be delighted, but don't be fooled. There are those who will deceive you for their gain."

"Shifting shadows, light you see. Matters not what it be. Summer beams in the sun. Winter, snow is sure to come. Spring blooms, flowers pop. Fall is when these do drop. Tell me, what falls in fall? If you know, the Faerie Market awaits."

"Correct! Leaves fall in fall. Speaking of leaving..."


"Eh, Mystrella! The Great Pumpkin 'ere. I see you've brought 'em humans around. Goin' ta have a chat with me ol' friend, Ferry. He's good for eh scare! Follow me if ya want to catch eh few monsters in Halloween Town. 

"If you've made it this far, you'll no doubt make it through the forest. Watch out for the greedy color hungry goblins in the Valley of the Rainbow, but don't worry, the flowers keep a keen eye. Until we meet again, hold magic in your heart and enjoy your world!"