Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meet the Author! Greg Slomba Book Signing!

Middle grade authors, Greg Slomba & Stephanie Robinson

It was really exciting to meet with local author, Greg Slomba, who was signing copies of his book, The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel today at Two Steps Down Grille in Danbury, CT. Fairday's Blog! recently reviewed this book (read the review) and followed up with an interview (check out the interview). We wish Greg lots of success with his wonderful book!

~ Heading into meet with Greg Slomba ~

~ Quite a crowd gathered at the brunch book signing ~

~ Greg with his son and his new, signed hardcover copy of the middle grade novel, The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow ~

~ Check out the book on ~


  1. I love middle grade books. So great to see these two! Will definitely be checking them out.


  2. How exciting! Looked like a great time. Loved the interview and review.

  3. This book looks cool! Great that you guys got to meet him!

  4. @cleemckenzie- Middle grade books are so fun! These are both fantastic books to explore! :)

    @Donna- I am so glad that you enjoyed the review and interview. It was a wonderful time!

    @Babara- It sure was an excellent day for everyone!

    @Marcus- It was such a blast to meet Greg Slomba. You would love the book The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel. It is right up your alley- fantasy. It is so cool to meet authors. It is my new favorite thing!

  5. Lizzy--It was great to meet you and Fairday! I was lucky enough to meet TWO authors yesterday! How great was that?

  6. I wish I got to go- but my family already had plans yesterday. I really want to read this book- so hopefully I can make the next book signing.

  7. How cool! I haven't read this book- but his blog is great. Sounds fun!

  8. Interesting blog... Came in to check and now following you! :)


  9. @Greg- Thanks! It was a blast and you are so nice. You got to meet two authors- how awesome! It is so fun to talk to authors and see the people behind the book!

    @Flex- Maybe you can make the next signing!

    @Trey- I agree- Greg Slomba's blog is cool. Read the book- you will love it!

    @Mohur- Thanks for checking out our blog. So happy you like it!


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