Crafting a Middle Grade Series

Thinking of writing a book series? 
Interested to find out what it's like to do it? 

Stephanie Robinson and Jessica Haight share their journey bringing the Begonia House to life in The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow and Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library


— It could happen anywhere: when you’re talking on the phone, cooking pancakes, out with friends- time and place never matter. It’s what happens in that space that’s important, and it begins with your inner voice saying, “Wait. What did I just think?" 
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— Once you’ve planted a story seed, it will grow with the flow of your attention. Just like how gardeners prepare the soil, writers plot pages. Both are excited to experience the fruits of their labor, but first, they must create.

— You’ve cultivated your story seed and delivered a book. The next phase in a writer's journey is the metamorphosis from manuscript to published work, and there are many paths to take as you step further into the literary forest... continue reading

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Raising Your Book Right 
Indie Writers on the Storm
Catch our short video clips on Making a Mystery. Writing is a wild ride, and there's no better place to get a clue than the library. 

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Critique, Editing your MS
— Run! Lol— dead quotes are scary when they suddenly jump out at you. Not once, but again and again, and in random places. You don’t know what you did to conjure them into your manuscript, but there they are; flat quotations hanging around with their curly cousins... continue reading

Weaving in the Backstory 
Working with editors, Collaborating using Google Docs
— Oh, the web we weave in writing! Crafting the second book in the Fairday Morrow series was much like putting together the Harry Potter puzzle with the lake. You know the one, where the whole center of picture... continue reading

BOO-k Bones 
Skeleton's poetic interpretation of formatting a book
— From the gutter, a hill doth rise. See the distance with thine own eyes.
Scrambled lines shift a square, borders move here and there... continue reading
Jessica Haight & Stephanie Robinson
Co-authors of the Fairday Morrow series 


  1. Belatedly! But wonderful to read about these - I've got here ... but still need to go through all the ideas - which I'll get back to anon: I'd like to spend the time looking around. Thanks so much - all the best Hilary

  2. I read both books I am a 6th grader who loves to write, I enjoyed both of the books when will there be a third


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