Monday, January 30, 2023

Fishy Perspectives and Mood Candles: Jess's Musings

I have a fish, his name is Mr. Fish, and he lives in a tank in the middle of my house. Mr. Fish is eleven years old, and he can communicate with me. For instance, if something is off in his tank, he swims as hard as he can and smashes into the glass. It scares the wits out of me, and I check to make sure he's okay. Message received. 

Sometimes it's super nice to shift into low gear and take in the scene. I think of Mr. Fish, and what his daily life must be like. How strange it would be to experience things from his point of view. 🐟

Contemplating perspectives is interesting, and when you relax into the moment and let your mind wander it's easy to get swept up in imagination. Magic lives in details; you must slow down for the experience. 

So feel into your mood and flow with the good vibrations resonating right now. Take a pause to reflect and dream. 

I'll light a mood candle to raise spirits.🕯✨

Mood Candle Art: Raising Spirits 

Mood Candle Art is created with glass jars, acrylic paint, tea lights


Colors Dancing in MIND


  1. The candles are neat.

    I have a fish just like that. His name is Costi (short for plecostomus) and he's over 8 years old and 9 inches long.

  2. Thank you for this very different perspective. Love the candles, and had (and enjoyed watching) fishes for many years.

  3. That's an old fish.
    Like your candle setup.

  4. Sorry, that last comment was me. Forgot to hit Google profile.

  5. What a fun post. Love the candle art, really inspirational! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Lovely post, I really like your words ...

    "Magic lives in details; you must slow down for the experience.

    So feel into your mood and flow with the good vibrations resonating right now. Take a pause to reflect and dream."

    All the best Jan

  7. Hi Jess - great to meet Mr Fish ... I expect he occasionally wants some company! So pleased to read you spent time with him ... but I expect he enjoyed the candle display. Looking so warm and cosy with cuddly Cuteness - lovely post thank you - cheers Hilary

  8. Oh, the things Mr. Fish knows. Beautiful colors here too.

  9. What a colorful underwater-ish post! Here's to Mr. Fish and his talents.

  10. I wonder why Mr Fish swims fast and smashes into the fishes don't do that. Sometimes I watch how graceful they look, swimming there.

  11. I absolutely love the mood candle art! Looks like mosaic art. And you've had Mr. Fish for 11 years? Impressive. I didn't know you had a fish as a pet.

  12. My goodness! George, one of the many goldfish I had as a child, would do this very thing to alert me to the fact it was feeding time. Loving seeing your candles on FB and now here. You really must give a thought to selling them as I'm sure they'd go down a storm even if, alas, the p&p would probably prove to expensive to have them shipped to the UK.


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