Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Answer to Mondays' Riddle

Great guessing Riddlers! This week, we're keeping an eye out! Lizzy's review will crack open the case, and Thursday on Top of the Heap, we'll find something awesome to observe. Friday, who knows what you'll witness? And Saturday on The DMS Wants to Know, we always enjoy hearing what you think! See you all around the book block ; ) ~ F

When you know what's been done, will or won't you tell someone? Something odd in your scene? Did you see what shouldn't be seen? If asked to recall, will you sing? What news to the table do you bring? When coveting the facts to reveal the plot- they'll want to hear all you've got.  

What are you? Answer: A Witness! 

Make time to riddle and rhyme!
62 original riddles and illustrations  

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  1. Booyeah! I got it :D
    What is that picture on top from?

    1. Hi Adriana, Awesome! I'm not sure where the keyhole pic is from-seems like something out of Hugo Cabret. Thanks for stopping by- it's always a pleasure to hear from you : ) ~ F

  2. Yeah, though in all honesty it was only the picture clue that decided me.

    1. Hi Petty, Loved that movie : ) Thanks leo much for stopping by! ~ F


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