Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Day Letter!

With all the warm weather here in New England this winter, I thought it would be fun to write a letter about what Lizzy and I would do on a snow day. So, this is about as magical a day that I can think of. 

Dear Lizzy,
The wind is whipping the snow around like crazy and I can’t wait for you to come and enjoy it with me. It looks like a magical, swirling snow globe outside; a scene stolen right out of Hogsmeade in the wintertime. The ground has accumulated approximately six inches and continues to fall heavier and heavier, with no signs of stopping. The excitement of your arrival is steaming through my blood like a mug of piping hot, hot chocolate capped with squishy, melting marshmallows.
One thing I am dying to explore with you is the frozen, crystallized lake across the street from my house. Don’t forget your ice skates; we will be heading pretty far out, as the entire lake is solid. The last time I was out there I spotted a frozen fish captured a few inches under the ice. My father told me that the fish was still alive and when the water thawed he may very well swim away and carry on with his fishy life.
Up the hill, in my back yard, there is a snow fort that I have started to build. With your help, we should be able to build a really fantastic fortress. It will be able to stave off any uninvited guests or entertain anyone we choose to invite into our secret, snowy castle. Do you remember the awesome snow hold we built last year? When it was finished, we sneaked a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies out of the kitchen and ate them all under the sparkly snow, snug and hidden by all our hard work. The deed was definitely worth the prize. The trickiest part was that we were never caught; there was no smoking gun. The only clues from the crime were our wide, chocolaty smiles and warm, satisfied bellies.
One great thing about building our fortress up on a hill is that we can park our sleds at the top and sled down the hill for a quick escape. With the sky spewing big and fluffy flakes of snow, the conditions are quite perfect for sledding with style. My bright red, round disc sled that I received for Christmas will make all the kids on the street jealous when I’m cheering and spinning full sail down the hill. If yours isn’t as fancy, we can always take turns. Soon you will be flying down the hill at incredibly ridiculous speeds; trying to stop before the ride is over is impossible!
The clock on the wall is telling me that your arrival is drawing near. My snow clothes are laid out in front of me on my bed. My purple hat, furry mittens, and Gryffindor scarf wait patiently for the adventure to come; my boots have already been on for hours. I can already feel Jack Frost’s nippy welcome biting at my nose. I am waiting with baited breath; I can taste the hot chocolate coating my throat, I can… I hear the doorbell; I hear the sound of boots clomping up the stairs. You’re here! Let the day’s excursions commence! ~Fairday

What a fabulous snow day Lizzy and I would have! 

What are some of the things in this letter that you like to do? What other seasonal festivities would you add to this day? We love to hear everyone's thoughts and comments! I think I need a hot chocolate now- even though it's almost 50 degrees outside- lol : )  


  1. I love the way you describe the snow day. I love sledding and skating too! Awesome reference to Harry Potter!

  2. Ice skating, warm cookies, and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows sound amazing!

  3. This sounds like a perfect day! I'm so envious that this is what you are currently experiencing! I would love to spend a Christmas like this in New England. The hot chocolate, the snow, choc-chip cookies... I want it all! Thanks for a beautiful post. Merry Christmas!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. What an amazing post, I really felt I was there with you. The hot chocolate looks tempting too. Poor fish, I hope he did swim away.

  5. I love this letter- it is so magical. It makes me want to have a snow day soon! I especially love the ending- great description. I love to do all the things you mentioned on a snow day- and READ!!


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