Saturday, December 24, 2011

The DMS Wants to Know! Happy Christmas Eve!!!

An exciting topic to think about on Christmas Eve! Let the magic commence!
~ F

The DMS Wants to know...
What would be the best, most magical Christmas present that you could imagine receiving?  

We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours! Happy Christmas Eve to all! Lizzy and I hope that everyone's holiday's are bright and peaceful : )


  1. A publishing company of my own - one that magically ensured bestsellerdom - to make dreams come true for all the great writers out there!

    Happy Christmas.

  2. A horse, a miniature horse and a goat!!!

  3. I would like to say world peace- but I personally would love to get an Xbox!!

  4. @Elisa- Good luck! That would be awesome!

    @Deborah- Yeah! Everyone would love that! :)

    @Patty- I love minuature goats and I LOVE horses! Great choices!

    @Trey- I am sure an Xbox would be a blast- hope you get one under the tree.

  5. I am hoping to get some new clothes and lots and lots of books. A bit boring, I know- but I really want these things! Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. I'm with Patty! A horse has been on my Christmas list since I was born...

  7. Oh..they really wanted a puppy! Maybe someday..maybe soon. I am still waiting for granite counter tops. Merry Christmas!

  8. I was so busy over the holidays going to my mom's and dad's houses that I didn't have any time to write in! If I could have any present that I want I would probably pick an imac computer. I really want one- but they are expensive. I got a lot of money for Christmas and my mom said there might be sales after the holidays. So- I may end up with one yet! Otherwise- maybe for my birthday. I do love all the presents I received.


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