Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle

Excellent guesses! Trey got it!

Riddle:A detective was walking to the scene of the crime, when he came upon a fork in the road. One man stood at the entry to each road. One man only told lies, and the other man only told the truth. The road that would lead the detective to the crime had the man who only told lies on it. The detective needed to find out which man only told lies, and which man only told the truth, with only one question. What was the question the detective asked?

In order to find out which one if the liar you need to ask them both a question that you know the answer to such as: What color is my shirt? or Who is taller- you or me? Then you know who is not telling the truth and you can go down their road! Nice job everyone!


  1. Cool! I got it! I like the picture that goes with the riddle.

  2. This was a great riddle! I didn't guess it, but now it sounds so obvious~

  3. Nice job, Trey!

    Glad you enjoyed it Fairday!

  4. I'm terrible at riddles. You have a nice blog here.

  5. Good riddle! I had no idea how to go about solving it but it does seem very obvious now I know. Silly me!

  6. I find the more I practice riddles- the better I get. Some are tricky at first- but they all seem obvious once I know the answer! lol

    Nice to see some more new followers! Welcome!


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