Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obvious Answer to Monday's Riddle : )

Of course, HARRY POTTER is the answer!
Great, epic series! Loved the last movie- I agree S.E.- it's so funny some of the things that they change or leave out- One thing that always irritates me is in The Goblet of Fire movie, during the Yule Ball, Hermonie's dress is pink. It is so clearly written that it's periwinkle in the book. Why not just get a periwinkle dress...lol, I'm such a critic- but, Lizzy and I always look at the movies as entirely different, which really keeps all the H.P. fans on their toes : )


  1. Part one and part two of The Deathly Hallows were both really cool- I'm going to see it again in 3D this week with my Dad- he's a big fan too- cool riddle Fairday!

  2. I agree Marcus! If you see it before us- let us know how it is in 3D!


  3. Thanks for coming by my blog, I'm a new follower now, hehe. I really like the Harry Potter movies but, since I love the books I also critique the "mistakes" I find in the adaptations ^^U But oh well, I have a good time with them too, hehe.



  4. Thanks, Alaiel! I'm like you- I think sometimes being such a big fan of the books makes me more of a critic of the movies because I know the details in the book SO well! :) The first time I see the movie I spend almost the whole time critiquing it and comparing what "they got right" and "what they got wrong". Nice to have you stop by!


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