Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Riddle!

A mark to the end, in sadness and joy- I feel it in my bones, this story of a boy... ~F

Inside I'm two, both good and evil
My home is a place that is somewhat medieval
During the war, I fought for what's right
And turned the darkness into light
If not for my friends, we would never have won
In the end, great magic was done!
Who am I?

Check back later if you need to get a clue...  and I'm sure none of you will : )


  1. Could it be my favorite boy wizard? Harry Potter? Love that series. I want more! I see many of you saw the movie... What'd you think?

  2. I agree with Trey!

    I loved the movie. I thought it was really well done. I laughed, cried, and was at the edge of my seat- which says a lot because I have read book 7 over 10 times! :) When the movie ended it was bittersweet for me... I loved watching it, but I am so sad the series is over!!!!

    I had a blast with you, F! My 3rd time seeing it needs to be in 3D...
    Did anyone see it in 3D? How was it?


  3. Harry Potter is a definite!!
    T.- I liked it! There were definitley parts from the books they should have kept but oh well!

  4. I agree, SE- they always change things! I think the movies are great, but I always enjoy reading the books more than watching them on screen. I think it is because JK Rowling does such an amazing job describing everything and there are so many more characters, details, and storylines that they can't fit them all in the movie! Still, overall- the movie was one of the best in the series. :) Did you see it in 3D?

    ~L :)


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