Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Flora Fireworks and Forest Feels...

By the faintest breath of Persephone's rise, flowers pick peeping eyes. Conjuring colors to dainty petal, Nature simmers spells in a kettle. Pattern, line, shadow, light; divine elements brewed up right. Once a charm is set in stone, its power ripples through flesh and bone.

Microscopic Modern Art by Jess Haight: Cottagefive.com
"Spring Bouquet"— bleeding heart, azalea, lilac, dandelion, forest flowers

New England is blooming; flora showing off like fireworks, breeze smelling sweet. I invite you to frolic with the flowers and bask in their earthly patterns. Tip-toe through the tulips, eternity spins divine—no matter the measure. 

"Sorcerer Lazuli" 

"Cloud Diary" 

"Kiss of Gold"

"Color Sphere"

"Humming Bird Spell" 


"Inside Patterns"

"Tiny House Party"

"Skull Jam"




Forest Feels


  1. The close-up abstracts are really amazing. Reminds me of a photographer who no longer blogs who posted photos like that every day.

    1. Alex- Thanks so much! I love taking them. ;)

  2. Wonderful. The close up of the fungus is particularly dazzling.

    The jack-in-the-pulpit (6th from bottom): we have one in our yard, too, and we recently learned something interesting about them. They switch sexes from year to year! I don't know enough to tell you if that one (or ours) is male or female this year.

    1. The Armchair Squid- What a cool fact! Love learning new things. :) So glad you enjoyed the fungus!

  3. Lots to see ... thank you.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow, the close ups are astounding!

  5. That is so cool! Those microscope shots are beautiful works of art!

  6. Goodness, that is so neat. I love the flowers too.

  7. Such a magical post, these images are fabulous

  8. These images are so fabulous. Love them all.

  9. Awesome post and stunning photos.

  10. These flowers and photos are exquisite. New England is indeed in bloom. Isn't summer lovely? All the more awaited after a long winter. Happy week!

    1. Jeanie- Love the flowers in bloom. It is so refreshing after winter to see all the color! Summer sure is beautiful. Happy week to you too! :)


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