Monday, November 14, 2022

The Riddle of the Stone...

Hello, Riddlers! Jess here. I've been plotting ideas, making connections for story crafting, and this new piece presented itself. A creative play with art and words, inspired by the ineffable space where we allow our stories to unfold. 

Fear not the unexpected. Truth lies betwixt the lines. 


The world had gone mad with stories, so I examined my own. Hum drum of days, in and out. Like breathing. Dew shimmies on leaves; chomping caterpillars hungry for greens. Bees buzz around while I paint my heart, watching colors cover nothing— no thing is the stickiest glue. Truth lies betwixt the lines, and in between those squiggly lines there is emptiness— that’s the truth; the strong force binding story flavor. So subtle, yet powerful. The liminal essence of creation scattered amongst the stars in a vast sea of space. History and Herstory forever smashing together in little bursts of light— lingering like ghosts in the dark. Memories swim asunder in endless pools of thought. A disasterpiece transformed into a masterpiece simply by the love of hearing the other— or vice versa.

The Riddle of the Stone

There was once a stone that knew who it was.

The stone remembered the story.

The story had a beginning, middle and end@beginning, middle, and end@beginning, middle, and end@...

The beginning was new.

The middle unwound.

And the end was known. 

Who is the stone?

Only you know the answer to this riddle. 😀


  1. If only I know, then I will go with the Rock on which I stand - God.

  2. Very good art ...
    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  3. I too know - not what ... but the colours I love seeing - cheers Hilary


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