Monday, October 24, 2022

Halloween Spooktacular!

Eleanor Skeleton here, Welcome to our Halloween Week Spooktacular. October is the month of color and spirit, and we're always frightfully delighted to share the festivities with you. Let us tickle your bones and raise your spirits. Mwahaha...

What happens when a flower has all the power? 

Find out in The Flower Monster

Consider me Cornerstone Owl. I may or may not care. Stay or don't, the choice is yours. I've a tale to tell. But only if the rain persists. It's the chill in the sweeping wind that stiffens the vine, that's the buzz around here. Listen. Creaking bones of bark and burrowing bug, more or less paper flesh, or so the story goes... Continue Reading

Enjoy a spooky stroll through the darkening wood? 

Take a step this way~

"Hello! I'm Mystrella, and I'm here to keep you on the right path in these tricky woods. My friends will help too, but I wouldn't trust Cat, and keep clear of Spider's web, unless you 'd like to get caught up in a story. Now then, If you've gathered your wits, follow me, but step lightly upon entering the forest. You don't want to wake up anything we'd rather stay asleep." Continue Reading

How about a tour through a monstrous town? 

"Ah, it's me great friend, Elly. Nice ta see ya bones rattlin' around here. Ya know me, I like ta pop in an' take em' all on a trip to Halloween town. 'Tis a hoot ta visit with them monstrous neighbors of mine, so grab yer bag o' tricks and skip over fer a fright— if ya dare. La ti da..." Continue Reading *make sure to read the comments.

Tune in on Halloween for a horrible visit with Ferry Blackwell!


  1. Always look forward to your Halloween features!

  2. Hi DMS - they look quite delightful ... and will provide lots of spooky laughs and horrors for all concerned - congratulations and cheers Hilary

  3. Well! This has set me up well for Halloween. Great post, thank you.

  4. Looks like spooky fun ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Thanks for joining in our spooktacular fun with us. :)


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