Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fairday's Riddle: Lucky Count...

Hello, Riddlers! Can you guess the answer? I think it’s a lucky one. ;) ~ F

The answer is how many you see, or a lady Borg who was set free. A solid ball to the cue. It may be a lucky- if you think that’s true.

What am I referring to? Stop by this weekend for the answer! 

I gave you a clue! 


  1. Well, the Borg was Seven of Nine, so I'll guess seven.

  2. Hi DMS - I'm sure I'm wrong ... but One? Interesting I'm not a Star Trek fan ... I'm glad the weekend is coming soon - cheers Hilary

  3. After talking about this with a fellow trekkie friend, we think you are referring to a hive mind.

  4. Sorry ... a bit late to this post!

    All the best Jan


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