Monday, May 3, 2021

Creative Garden In Mind...

We've been digging up garden plots, and now Eleanor Skeleton invites you to visit her secret garden. You never know what mysteries you'll find lurking under the soil. 

Welcome to my garden fleshy folk. I have many marvelous plants and herbs growing in this special plot, plus some other oddities you may delight in. If you're feeling your bones today, go around the Rainbow Ride- you'll find yourself lost in a creative garden in mind.

Behind the artwork
This project is so much fun! There are actually three more worlds to do, not four. The Indigo world is done, but it's out of order, so you'll have to wait for that one- if you follow this blog, you can probably guess what it is. 

Here's a peek at the art behind the scenes

Everything Beautiful
Materials used: Canvas paper, crystals, glue, pens, pencil
Morning Glory Rose Garden Bliss
Materials used: Canvas paper, crystals, glue, pens, pencil, pipe cleaners, copper wire, mirrors

Piekne Place
Materials used: Canvas paper, crystals, glue, pens, pencil, pipe cleaners, copper wire, mirrors

Materials used: Canvas paper, crystals, glue, pens, pencil, home grown crystals, plastic eyeballs & bubbles, copper wire, pipe cleaners, mirrors

The Rainbow Ride collection on my art wall
Rainbow Myxtress
Materials used: Acrylic paint, clay, wood canvas, crystals, glue, dried flowers

Now, go dig up your own plot and enjoy your world.


  1. Your artwork is amazing. And I can't believe how you did it with such few materials.

  2. Amazing art work. So evocative. Thanks for posting and showing all of this.

  3. Wonderful post and fabulous artwork! Hugs, Valerie

  4. This looks wonderful, just love all the vibrant colors and materials you incorporated into the design!! Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing your art wall.

  5. Love the artwork. So colorful and fun!

  6. I had to go through this post a few times! IT"S AMAZING!!! So love your garden! So love your art!!! Freaking AMAZING!!!!! I love seeing all the art on your wall! Thank you for this post! Big Hugs!

  7. Colorful artwork and they all looked such fun!

  8. All so colourful, thank you for sharing.

    All the best Jan


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