Saturday, July 18, 2020

Answer to Fairday's Riddle: Flower Power...

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! We'll be tipsy-toeing through the dandelions. Tune in Monday to find out how the answer ties into the story. See you all around the book block. ~ F

Make a wish and blow.
Swirl off on a wild wind now.
Yellow spot in sun. 

What am I referring to? Answer: Dandelions!

Fairday's Riddles: Volume I 
Make time to riddle and rhyme!
62 original riddles and illustrations


  1. I love dandelions, for me they are too pretty to be classed as weeds! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. Well, it looks like I missed a grand riddle.
    Have a relaxing weekend. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  3. Yea, got it right! When my kids were young I would play a game with them at the park to tire them out for nap time. It was called "no more dandelions". They would go searching the park looking for dandelions to bring back to me (I could always see where they were, they weren't that far from me). We would collect them and see how many we would find on any given day :)


  4. Well I got it too ... or near enough with some waffling around - I love telling the time by them - kids' game ... take care - Hilary

  5. Yeah, I guessed correctly. I prefer clovers to dandelions. Unless I'm making a crown of them to wear :) Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Enjoy your weekend. Monday should be interesting.

  7. Yes!
    I like dandelions.

    All the best Jan


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