Thursday, January 25, 2018

Riddle Answer Has Been Found!

Whew! The answer to Monday's Riddle was lost yesterday! Luckily, it's been found. Excellent guessing, Riddlers! Friday, Lizzy will make sure you find a great review, so stay tuned! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

You've checked your pockets, turned the bed, searched the places in your head. Where it is, you don't know, but you can see it so. Like a game of hide and seek with two words you must tweak. If it's this, and then you find, you'll know the answer I've in mind.

What am I referring to? Answer: Lost & found!

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  1. Not awesome...I didn’t get it and when I am wrong I am really wrong!

  2. I was way off on this one, nice riddle.

  3. Hiya - does that count as two words?! I sort of got it - but not ... if you see what I mean. Clever - cheers Hilary

  4. That was a good one. Looking forward to Friday.

  5. Twas a scandalous set up I say, a scandal!

  6. Ah, Ah ... now I know! LOL!

    All the best Jan

  7. LOL! Sadly, lost and found is what I do pretty regularly! Hugs and Happy Friday - RO

  8. Yay for lost and found :D Great riddle answer. <3 And lovely post, always ;)


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