Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday's Riddle: Can You Dig It?

Hello, Riddlers! Can you guess our theme this week? The DMS recently uncovered a very mysterious one in the case of the Talking Library. ; ) ~ F

At the bottom, you are low; up is how you must go. You may fall in and feel stuck or it could be a spot of luck. Dig it deep, then you'll see- inside out is where you'll be.

What am I referring to? Stop by Wednesday for the answer! 

I gave you a clue from the DMS's adventures in the Talking Library! 

Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library!
Jessica Haight & Stephanie Robinson
Illustrations by David SanAngelo
Book 2: Fairday Morrow Series
Middle grade mystery
Age range: 8 years and up
Grade level: 3 and up
Publish Date: October 23rd, 2017
Publisher: Willow Press 

Pre- order available!


  1. Have to agree with Alex. Or maybe even a wormhole?

  2. Hi DMS - I was thinking lift shaft ... but that doesn't work either ... no idea yet again ... cheers Hilary

  3. The only thing that comes to mind is a hole. Fun picture clue!

  4. A sinkhole? This one is challenging. :) ~Aleen

  5. My brain doesn't work well with riddles. All I see is a hole with this one.

  6. It's a cavern or a cave.. it just could not be a simple hole!

  7. I see hole, wormhole, but not really sure. Hard riddles lately.

  8. Colour me clueless. My answers don't really fit.

  9. Worm hole or dark hole sounds right but I couldn't help but think of socks

  10. The picture makes me thinking of Alice falling into the rabbit hole – so a hole, or perhaps falling into a different dimension?

  11. I had no idea, lol. But then people say wormhole, and I saw that picture you shared, and so I think that sounds okay :D

  12. Excellent guessing, Riddlers! The answer has been dug up. ;) ~ F


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