Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Frightful Characters!

The characters are out to scare this week!
Excellent guessing, Riddlers. Ready for some thrills? Ferry Blackwell's a Halloween character that's sure to curl your toes. Read his bone-chilling tale below if you're in the mood for a good scare. It's going to be a terror-iffic week, so keep your wits and stay tuned! ; ) ~ F

A frightful bunch we may be, soon we'll come to play with thee. We're made to scare, that's the deal. Fear is what we like to feel. A knock at the door, no one's there; hair-raising screams, vacant stares. Fingers and toes curled up tight, hide them well on this dark night. The moon reveals things unseen, shadows creep onto the scene. Who do you love to dread? Not flesh and bone, but in your head. 

What am I referring to?  
Answer: Halloween Characters/ Trick-Or-Treaters! 

Are you a Trick-Or Reater?
Don't forget to check out the goodies at Trick-Or- Reaters! We'll be swapping scary stories on Friday at the character costume party. Don't miss out on the spooky jokes, riddles, and stories available for FREE on the site. Share the fun with your friends by dropping them a secret note on Halloween. Sweets and stories, what could be more fun?


“No way!” Georgie exclaimed. “Mom told you to stop making up stories.”
      “It's true. I saw Ferry Blackwell,” Macy said. “He had a head like a melon.”
      “You did not. Get your stuff and let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” Georgie walked out the door, and Macy followed, wishing her big brother would believe her this time. She did like to make up stories and their mom had asked her to knock it off, but this wasn’t a story. She had spotted Ferry Blackwell, she was sure of it.


Shifting from one foot to the other, Macy stared down the school driveway. All the buses had left; everyone was gone. Georgie was late. She had tried to call him on her cell phone, but there was no answer. Her mom was at work, but Macy knew interrupting her would guarantee a whole evening of arguing. Slipping the phone into her back pocket, she decided to walk home. 
As the pavement twisted and turned she found herself thinking about Ferry Blackwell again. Last week she had started reading a book about the history of her town, Devilsville. It hadn’t been very interesting, except for one phrase, which was handwritten on page thirty-three. It said: In the woods of Devilsville, you’re sure to find a gory thrill. When the bakerman wants to eat, hide your hands and cover your feet. With a head melon-sized and fire burning in his eyes, he’ll harvest your fingers and your toes, then hide the rest so no one knows. Murdered by an angry town, he swore revenge when they shot him down. So watch your children, but never tell- if Ferry Blackwell comes back from hell. 
Macy knew the words by heart. She had looked through a few other books, but found nothing else about Ferry Blackwell. Then, the other day, she saw him. There had been an odd rustling behind the bushes in her backyard, and when she went over to investigate, someone was there. It looked like a man, but with a huge head. He had flashed a mad, toothy grin at her, and then disappeared. Her mother had come running out when she heard Macy’s rants of terror.
 “Macy! What did I tell you about scaring people with your stories?” her mother had yelled. Macy knew that no one was ever going to believe her, and why should they? After all, she did have a long history of making things up, which had opened more than one can of worms for her parents to deal with. Things like, Ginny Wader, in the third grade, refusing to touch door handles ever again or Georgie wearing a helmet wherever he went for a year. The list was long, she mused. Her thoughts were suddenly cut short. Just ahead, at the bottom of the hill, a school bus was stopped in the middle of the road. Macy cautiously walked up to it and climbed the steps. Other than the backpacks strewn about on the seats it appeared empty.
“Hello?” she asked quietly. “Is anyone here?” Macy slowly made her way down the aisle. Midway, something caught her eye and when she turned to get a closer look, her mouth dropped open in horror. On the seat to her left was a bloody pile of shoes and socks, and what looked like fingernails tossed into the gruesome heap.
          BANG! Something hit the side of the bus. “What was that?” she whispered. BANG! Again, the bus shook and teetered. Macy reacted fast. She ran up the aisle and grabbed the door handle. Just as it was about to latch, long fingers pried it back open. Two red, veined eyes zeroed in on their target. Terror forced the air out of her lungs, and she screamed.

(Catch the exclusive interview with Ferry Blackwell at the end) 

Want to keep the story on hand for thrills? 
Ferry Blackwell Strikes Again is published by Macabre Maine in this cool LOVECRAFT ME anthology. Check it out on Amazon! But, beware, Mwahahaha...  

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  1. I got it right.
    A Lovecraft anthology - very cool.

  2. Yeah for Halloween and books for Halloween. One of my fav times of the year.

  3. Trick or treaters, such Halloween fun. The anthology sounds really creepy. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Was right at my sight. Sounds like a fun creepy one indeed, as the eyes stare on out. Like the cover.

  5. That was an epic riddle. Seriously. Loved it!

  6. Loved the story. How fun.

  7. A smart person would have read this excerpt after the sun came up. But, oh no, not me! Excellent. Thanks for the scare and the riddle. Don't have a clue.

  8. Hi DMS - love the cover with the slithering snake tails or .... ? I'm not sure I'd appreciate that story ... glad I'm not catching a bus or coach! Halloween is loved by the kids ...and adults - enjoy! - cheers Hilary

  9. so I was actually right when I said presidential candidates!

  10. This was awesome, ladies! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Halloween :D


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