Friday, March 4, 2016

Meme Chat...

We've had such fun teaming up with our friends around the book block this week and came across all sorts of cool memes. 

On that note, we leave you with a conversation in meme!

The DMS is

It's true! So,

And, even though

the Detective Mystery Squad is

In a good mystery, you'll find out that

And there's

Here's a little advice from us to you

And don't forget to

When you're in the mood for suspense, remember
Click here for more meme fun! 

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  1. Too cute :) Happy weekend!


  2. Such a fun meme! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a great way to present them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aw, how fun! I do love a good meme. Mysteries are quite entertaining!! :)


  5. What a fun way to close out the week. Happy weekend.

  6. Lots of fun ones. Opening that door sure can lead to a lot

  7. Big smiles.
    Too many books is barely enough.

  8. I love these memes. They're fascinating.

  9. These are great. I love memes, especially bookish ones.

  10. Oh this has been fun! Book memes are always fun. I didn't get crabby when I didn't get my coffee back then but I can get unsettled (pacing about, jittery nerves) if I don't get my tea.

  11. Hey there, yep, look who has arrived!

    Thanks for that. Time for me to add "meme" to my computer's dictionary. I had a wardrobe malfunction. Yep, the wrong instructions for the wardrobe I was trying to construct.

    Have a good rest of your weekend.

    Gary :)

  12. Great job. And I love that you worked your book theme into all of them. You guys are rock stars at that!

  13. This made me smile! Have a lovely weekend!

  14. It's always lovely when you spot some memes flying around to do with your own book! This post had me smiling from how it all flowed so well together and represented the Secret Files of Fairday Morrow!

  15. I love how you used the images from Fairday! Great memes!

  16. you're missing a cat in these memes :)

  17. That was really cute how you did that.

  18. Great idea for the blogfest. :-)

  19. What a fun post!

  20. We are so glad you all enjoyed the memes! It was such fun to see what everyone was posting on their blogs. We had a blast making memes that tied into The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow. :) Loved all the comments!
    ~Jess and Stephanie


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