Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Answer to Monday's Riddle: More and More Readers!

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week we'll be sharing our adventures bringing THE SECRET FILES OF FAIRDAY MORROW to readers all over Connecticut, so stay tuned! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

Designed for both, hand and hand; words play thought in mind band. Letters written, pricked in style, sorted by brain sponge, then put on file. Images now, stories then, the maddening circle leads to the end. With the taste of word in thee, you'll feast on every book you see. Known as such, you'll want it quiet- inside, the scene could be a riot. Writers write to launch a tale, while readers read to watch it sail. 

What am I referring to?Answer: READERS! 
Children's author, Stephanie Robinson, reads an except from THE SECRET FILES OF FAIRDAY MORROW at Middlebury Elementary School in CT

Fairday's Riddles: Volume I 
Make time to riddle and rhyme!

62 original riddles and illustrations
Available in all e-book formats

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  1. Mmm, I love feasting on books. Readers are awesome. Great riddle!

  2. Yay, I guessed it! Great riddles, keep em' coming.

  3. How fun with your adventures sharing your book; looking forward to hearing about them!


  4. That's wonderful that you've been traveling all over your state. I hope you had a lot of fun and sold lots of books.

  5. We absolutely love this riddle! And those photos are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing, ladies :)

  6. Sounds like you had awesome fun while travelling all over!

  7. Woo Hoo... I got that one... it should be wonderful to see how the children liked your book xox

  8. I should have gone with the popular opinion! ;) Congrats on all the fun book touring!

  9. I thank the commenters for my correct answer, I am hopeless at these riddles sometimes.


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