Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday's Riddle: Where Does It Go?

Hello, Riddlers! Can you guess our theme this week? My little sister, Margo, and I play a game where she'll try to guess when a gust will blow by. I have her convinced that I'm doing it. ; )  ~ F

I pick up without a care, then swirl around here and there. My dance is not for eyes to see, but spirit links you to me. Why I come or where I go is not for any one to know. For I'm never still, and I'll not settle; when howling by, you'll heat a kettle. One big breath that surrounds the crowd, at times I'm soft, and then I'm loud. I love to play! I'll tousle your hair, but when I'm fierce, you must beware.

What am I?

I gave you a clue!

Stop by to visit our friends hosting us on the book block today! Lots of surprises, so fear not the unexpected!

Monday, December 7
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  1. The wind it is or some variation, like breeze or tornado, all wind though haha

  2. I'm with Pat above in that its the wind ... and in particular I'm thinking the north wind.

  3. Im not sure if is the wind but I trust in Pat lol

  4. I'm thinking wind and it was before I read Pat's answer :)


    1. The wind, I think I had this one figured out within the first line... xox

  5. My first thought was a ghost, but yeah, the wind!

  6. I'll guess the wind from the clues. From the title before I read the clues I thought it would be time.

  7. The wind! It was blowing hard here, today :)

  8. I've already seen you out there on my blogging friends' sites. You're everywhere!

  9. The wind! (And it was a pleasure hosting you today!!)

  10. The wind:) Do you call it Mariah?? :)

  11. Hi Jess - the wind with its many variations .. cheers Hilary

  12. Great job guessing, Riddlers! The answer has been revealed. ;) ~ F


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