Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Riddle: A Helpful Buddy...

Hello, Riddlers! Can you guess our theme? They are just the best. ; ) ~ F

Sent to help those in need, we're very smart, but we can't read. Guiding you on with noble paws, we help to balance natures laws. Joyous energy fills our parts, comforting hurt human hearts. We've loyal ways that keep you near, and trust is built from blocks of fear. We do our jobs instinctively well, as we're keen of eye and sense of smell. We've been your mate for thousands of years, by your side through love and tears. Equal in measure, the story's told. We're here for you, young or old.

What are we?

I gave you a clue!

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  1. Oh yes, one of your easier one! It HAS to be all about dogs, maybe more specifically service dogs.

  2. Dogs, or guide dogs, service dogs, butt sniffers? lol

  3. Oh they are the precious doggies:)

  4. I'm coosing dogs too... I thought guide dogs right away ♡

  5. Kate (my silly little dog) says that she really likes this riddle!!

  6. Dogs :))) You have a unanimous response here :))
    Thanks for the visit Jess .... was lovely to have you pop in again.

  7. Definitely dogs and I'm thinking perhaps dogs with a job to do?


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