Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Characters Taking Over!

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week it's all about characters. Wednesday we'll be visiting the mysterious Begonia House, and Friday we're geared up for another meeting of the Character Book Club, so be sure to check back!

Words written in the blanks of pages weave the cloaks we wear through all of your ages. Reflecting the mood when cast on the scene; we'll soar up high or carelessly careen. We stick to your bones if your heart's connected, for we're real enough when our worlds are erected. Those who fall into stories keep pace in time with our quarries. Our seeds get planted in a plot, then twist and grow from that spot. We're phantoms at large in the web of mind. Look all you want, but there's no one to find. You're the same- a story in space, though you've bones and blood with a living face. 

What are we? Answer: Characters
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  1. Sounds interesting in the days ahead :) You are good in coming up with these riddles :)


  2. Begonia House looks creepy and sounds interesting. Look forward to stopping back on Weds. Great riddle!

  3. I missed the riddle this week. :( Oh well, there's always next Monday. Enjoy your week!

  4. They take over the head, even in bed

  5. A story wouldn't exist without the characters!

  6. That was a super hard riddle - but a fantastic one! Characters are the best. I can actually forgive a lot in a plot if I fall in love with the characters. And I'm super excited to come back on here later this week with my own book's characters! And looking forward to checking out the characters of the Begonia House.

  7. Oh, sorry I missed the riddle. Looking forward for the next one.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  8. These riddles are great-it takes an inventive mind to come up with this week after week

  9. Ah I missed the riddle before the question was posted! I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. That one was a toughie.

  10. Yay! This was one of our favorite riddles. Love the image you have up there! Great riddle -- thanks for sharing!

    ~Michele & Mckenzie @ A Belle's Tales

  11. I was so behind with reading, I wasn't able to guess as the answer was given by then... I am in the process of catching up so I can be back on track for the next one... xox

  12. Another great riddle. Great characters make the book endearing.


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