Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Dust in the Wind...

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week we're caught in a dust storm. Lizzy's review will bowl you over, and Friday we'll be chatting with Karen Hesse, so be sure to check back! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

Mostly a chore I'm known to be; static things collect me. Bits and pieces of this and that weave in time my welcome mat. If a spot's dry as a bone, I'll whip up chaos in that zone. Blinding those who will see progress lost thanks to me. Should I gather as a storm, the wind will grant my powerful form. Kansas knew the truth at hand, both the state and the band.

What am I? Answer: Dust 

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  1. Great riddle! And that picture of a dust storm is horrifying.

  2. Dust storms look a little scary.... I wouldn't want to be in one :-/

  3. Oh yes, a dust storm. The whole dust bowl era fascinates me. Looking forward to seeing the book you have this week.

  4. I figured it was dust because it never goes away

  5. Nice riddle! I haven't read too much about the dust bowl.

  6. You got me singing that song. :)

  7. Got that one wrong with tornado, but I'd rather take dust over a tornado :)


  8. Hi Jess - dust it is then .. and dust storms look ghastly .. good luck with the ebook - they'd make great presents .. cheers Hilary


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