Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Feeling Like Ice Cream?

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week we're in for a special ice cream treat. Lizzy's review will make us feel the excitement, and Friday we've got a treat for you, so be sure to check back! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

Ebenezer Bleezer

I'm cold, but mostly sweet, and known to be special treat. My colors are flavors with rainbows on top, and you'll usually find me near places you shop. Shared with a friend or enjoyed all alone, I'm tasty dressed up or served in a cone. A comfort to those who are feeling sad, though too much of me is thought to be bad. But what a delight to go out for me! Such joy I'll deliver for a very small fee. Ebenezer Bleezer was someone who mixed me up right, with so many choices you must try a bite!

What am I? Answer: Ice cream! 

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  1. Oh I missed the riddle yesterday. You can't go wrong with an ice cream themed week, even if it is winter.

  2. That banana split looks really good.I love Hot Fudge with all my ice cream.

  3. That banana split pic is making my mouth water- and it's super cold outside! My son's bday party is next month, and I plan on buying some Baskin Robbin's ice cream for it. They're my fav!!

  4. Woo hoo.. I got this one right... but I better have, ice cream is my favorite and my weakness :) xox


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