Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Riddle: Woven Words to Share...

Hello Riddlers! Can you guess our theme? We're all about this idea. ; ) ~ F

The gift of words sets you free, linking up thoughts between you and me. Pages show scenes that play in the mind, bringing up feelings that eternally bind. You never know what's in store, for when given to you, they live once more. The tellers and peddlers of these letter like darts take aim with precision at all of our hearts. Weaving their tales into our fashion; colors run deep when sewn with passion. Shared with another they remind us in time, that we're sisters and brothers of all humankind. Connected to spirit, we're boundless and true, and the way we remember is passed onto you. 

What am I referring to?

I gave you a clue! 
Clue: Neil Gaiman 
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  1. Oh well it has to be an author based on that clue. Before seeing Neil Gaiman I thought it was readers.

  2. I'm going with storytellers, myth makers, fable creators. :)

  3. Wasn't sure, but since the others said storytellers, I'll go with that as well.

  4. It has to be storyteller / author. Nice riddle.

  5. I was going with books. And I think I'd like Neil to tell me *any* kind of story! :)

  6. Quickly by passing today's post and thus the answer,I'm going to take a guess at ..... story telling.

    OK, that done I'm now away to take a look at today's post.


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