Thursday, September 18, 2014

Descriptive Scene Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations Caroline Stanton! 

Caroline is our Nate Rocks Virtual Sketchbook writing contest winner. Her depiction of Meet Marie Grace by Sarah M. Buckey and Christine Kornacki was brilliant, and Nate had a fabulous time bringing her words to life!

Nate's sketch of a scene from Meet Marie Grace based on Caroline's description below.

Everyone could have fallen in love with that place. It smelled of sweets and fruit. You heard laughter of children. To the eyes in it, it was everything. The dance studio for carnival was packed. None of the people were crying. All the colors of costumes.
                                                                                                                                                     ~ Caroline Stanton

We'd like to thank everyone who participated! 
Keep imagining! You never know what's going to appear. ;)

Caroline Stanton from Ridgefield, CT holding the original sketch drawn by Jessica Haight 

The next Descriptive Scene Writing Contest is 

Send us your scene today!

*Contest is open to US and international and runs until December 2014

Is there a scene in a story that you would just love to see come to life? Send us one paragraph that describes a scene from your favorite middle grade book using your own words, and Nate will put his pencils to work. We'll choose a scene that we think is awesome and feature it on Fairday's Blog. Not only will you get to keep the sketch, but you'll be famous!  

You can send in your scene description to:

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  1. Well done to Caroline, I'm sure should she wish to do so she has a great career as an illustrator ahead of her.

  2. Congratulations Caroline! I love your story & Nate did a great job on the sketch! You rock!!

    1. Karen- I agree with you that Caroline did a great job with her description and the sketch is excellent. :) ~L

  3. Congratulations, Caroline! The sketch looks awesome, too!

  4. Congratulations Miss Caroline.... keep up the writing...simply marvelous!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! Caroline did a wonderful job writing her description. :) ~L


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