Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Riddle: A Certain Zeal...

Hello Riddlers! Can you guess our theme this week? I've been told that I've always got my head in the clouds- thanks to this. ; ) ~ F

I'm what lets you out of the box. You might see a car, but pretend it's a fox. I'm the sense that juggles unknowns, and you're sure it's right when felt in your bones. A subtle veil that keeps reason away, if you use me, I'll enchant the day. For I'm here for you when things seem too real; try me on to understand zeal. What I am is something divine, an idea sought right out of time. No one can tell what your thoughts are worth, they've been circling around since your infinite birth. The brew that bubbles within your mind is a jewel that's held by no other kind, and the balance between rhyme and reason is brilliantly cast when carefree of treason. Unique expression is the flag I raise, it matters not the amount of praise. The process expands out from you; in the end you must love what you do. 

What am I referring to? 

I gave you a clue! 
A clue! Underwater Shark Dance- what I think really happens. ;)

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