Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday's Riddle: Pin Pricks in the Dark...

Hello Riddlers! We're back. The holiday weekend was beautiful, though we had some wacky weather here in New England. But, today, the sun is out and the skies are blue. So here's the riddle, you know what to do! ; ) ~ F

We're very bright, so we like it dark. If it's clear, we'll show our mark. We seem small, but we're just far away. You might not see us during the day. We've different shimmers to our shine; we may twinkle or cast a line. It's all in the circle of our matter- when the heat rises, we'll swell even fatter. We'll all burst in an explosion of light, leaving space in perpetual night. Making whole the fabric of time, we're each a stitch showing our sign. Given the sliding scale of size, we may be known as dust in your eyes.

What are we?

I gave you a clue!

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  1. Twinkle Twinkle little star....When you wish upon a star...Star light star bright.

  2. Yes definitely stars.I love the clue.

  3. Welcome back! You do realise you are a star, yourself. A superstar, actually :)

    We have wacky weather in Old England!


  4. Stars! A perfect riddle for just after the 4th when starry nights are the best for gazing into the sky and seeing all the brilliance of the fireworks join those lovely glittery lights.

  5. A whole sky of stars. Welcome back, Jess & Stephanie!

  6. Excellent guessing Riddlers! The answer is up in lights. ;) ~ F


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