Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Answer to Monday's Riddle: A Gateway to Dreaming...

Mrs. Vanderbilt’s bedroom suite/ 1897. Yes, please. :) 
Excellent guessing Riddlers! This week we'll be exploring bedtime. Margo's got a story she wants to tell us about, and Friday, we have a special guest stopping by, so be sure to check back! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

I'm the ship that carries you away, embarking at night, traveling to day. I've no crew, but for the characters in tow, and they'll be appearing throughout the show. Though you set sail, I stay in place, keeping you safe and warm in your space. You'll navigate through the depths within, not knowing with who or where you've been. When you arise and dock safely on shore, here and now is forevermore. I always welcome you on board, for this is a ride all can afford. As the captain, you must go down with the ship, so it's lucky this one's not likely to tip. 

What am I referring to? Answer: A bed! 

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  1. Great answer. There is nothing more adventurous then a bed, especially when fast asleep dreaming.

  2. Sounds like nice riddle, I was offline so didn't come by earlier.

  3. I love that room.

    A bed is a lovely place to be.

  4. Nice. And a great riddle. I love sleeping. :)

  5. That is a cool riddle, but even more so, that is an amazing photo!


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