Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Riddle: In Need of a Bigger Box!

Hello Riddlers! It's that time again. Can you guess our theme this week? I was astounded the first time I was near one. ; ) ~ F

I'm big and powerful, but I like to sleep. I pay no mind to counting sheep. I protect my pride with style and grace, though sometimes I choose my own pace. King I am, and I'll stand my ground; should I leap, there's no sound. I've a mane of gold and eyes like the sun- most of my kind think boxes are fun. So, if you see me someplace near, please don't worry, and have no fear. I'll be resting in the shade, waiting for the day to fade. Just know that when twilight's here, I can see you crystal clear. This is when you must take care, for when I'm hungry, all beware. 

What am I?

I gave you a clue! 

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  1. It is a lovely beautiful ordinary house cat! I know that I am right!

  2. The King of the big cats - a lion? Aslan?

  3. Hmmmm. Pride implies lion. Boxes imply house cat. I think I will land on the side of house cat.

  4. It must be a lion, not a house cat. Only "most of his kind" love boxes, which I take to mean the house cat is a distant relative of this guy who could gobble you up if he had a mind to.

  5. I'd be lion if I said I hadn't worked out the riddle!

    Gary :)

  6. "Mane of gold and eyes like the sun" has to be a lion...not a Siamese cat. :D

    1. Excellent guessing Riddlers! I've let the cat out of the bag. ;) ~ F

  7. I knew it was a lion before you said "a mane" :)


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