Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday's Riddle: Time to Change...

Hello Riddlers! It's that time again. Can you guess our theme this week? Watching this happen to my little sister is wondrous. ; ) ~ F

I'm what happens to you- it doesn't matter what you do. I'm like a clock that starts ticking at birth, vibrating the space of your worldly turf. You'll rise every day, even when it's dark. Things become names- flying feathers, the lark. I hold your size and shape in its being, though my gift to you is clarity of seeing. I walk you through the stages of life, encompassing all; both joy and strife. You'll experience everything and find your own glory- your character's path writes in your story. I am inevitable once you're here- there's nothing you can do, so have no fear. When you're small and perfectly sated, it's said this direction can be overrated. But, tarry not in the things of the past, for it's only you who's meant to last. 

What am I referring to? 

I gave you a clue! 

Riddle of the Sphinx:
 What goes on four legs, then on two, and at last on three?


  1. Well, I think the answer to the riddle of the sphinx is man, crawling on 4 legs, walking on two, then using a stick during old age. The trouble is I’m not sure how that helps me with the riddle. 'The clock that starts ticking at birth' makes me think of ageing – but is that right? Maybe it does tie-in with the sphinx and the ageing person. Um, not really sure. Time/Age?

  2. Hmm, I know the sphinx's riddle was man. I'm going to guess growing older, perhaps.

  3. Great riddle, but not sure the answer.

  4. This is a tough one! Maybe growing older?

  5. I wasn't sure. But I was thinking a heart? Probably wrong, though :) Awesome riddle; as always. <3

  6. Honest to goodness...I have not one idea about this!

  7. Seem to me you're riddle answer is LIFE.

  8. Great job guessing Riddlers! The answer is up. ;) ~ F


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