Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Riddle: It's No Matter...

Hello Riddlers! It's that time again. Can you guess our theme this week? I try to recognize this for what it is and not get lost in it. ; ) ~ F

An invisible tide that washes in. A wave of nothing that carries your sin. Your unknowing insight that things could've been better, if only you'd known the cause of your fetter. Clarity's dim when on this round-about; second guessing yourself, always in doubt. I'm an emotion woven into your fabric, sewn in place by your very own magic. A feeling that's to be left behind- keeping life easy and out of mind. Creeping thoughts will try to troll back, but remember, in truth, there's nothing you lack. 

What am I? 

I gave you a clue!


  1. Doubt? Although hindsight sounds about right as well.

  2. +JMJ+

    Ooooh, this is tricky! And the clue is even more cryptic! ;-)

    I'm going to guess that it's . . . REGRET!

  3. Hello riddler,

    Such an intuitive post from the affable host....

  4. I'd go with guilt. (First thought was hindsight!)

  5. My first thought was doubt, but I'm, well... doubtful :)

  6. Oh I am not good at these things...but I did think about regret or hindsight or something along those lines. I may just be second guessing this after I leave the page. lol :)

  7. Wow, tricky! My first thought was doubt, so I'm going to go with that, though there are some other great guesses here!

  8. Ah, I love this riddle. Though I'm a bit unsure about the answer, so just looking at what other people think :) Thank you for sharing. <3

  9. Great guessing Riddlers- no regrets, but the answer is posted ; ) ~ F


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