Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday's Riddle! Race Back...

Hello Riddlers! This riddle will clue you in on our theme this week- can you guess what it is? ~ F

When you know what's to come, and you've seen what's been done- will you choose to hear once more what you may have heard before? There's something special in seeing again, even when you know the end. Like a warm blanket that always seems new- certain scenes are tried and true. Even if an experience has come before, it's fun to revisit and see it once more. I am a word that sums up these clues- think of a sport that requires fast shoes. ; ) 

What am I referring to? 

I gave you a clue!


  1. Erm, I know this is going to hit me between the eyes later, but all I can think of right now is memories? Tricky one!

  2. What throws me is the fast shoes. I was thinking of re-watching a movie. A rerun?

  3. Back track is all I can think of.

  4. Rerun comes to mind but the fast shoes don't seem to fit.

  5. Repeat/rerun? A difficult one this week.

  6. Fast shoes make me think of a track but the picture doesn't help me at all lol. Maybe I was born too late for that movie?
    So I'm going to guess back tracking.


  7. I feel like Samantha- tee, hee! Great job guessing Riddlers! Tricky, tricky : ) The answer is posted! ~ F

  8. Huh. I was thinking deja vu, but the pic of Samantha doesn't fit that.


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