Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday's Riddle! Into the Deep...

Hello Riddlers! Can you guess the theme this week? Lots of this going on over the weekend ; )  ~ F

Over and under, but really on top. I drift through the crest, though that's what I'll chop. With a bow, I stretch out in wonder, as the wake of my carriage ripples asunder. Bobbing around with my reflection, I stay on course when you right my direction. Should you boldly enter the deep, your body and spirit I promise to keep. 

What am I?

I gave you a clue! 


  1. A mirror? Goodness only knows how this fits in with your picture clue but its my best shot.

  2. Why can't I get here first, ever? I'll go with the majority here and agree that it's a boat.

  3. First I thought a shooting star for some reason but then maybe not? I'm not sure what to do with the clue. lol


  4. It must be sailing but I'm curious to know what the lovely sapphire necklace is all about

  5. +JMJ+

    I must be slipping because I had no idea what it could be until I saw the clue. As soon as I had guessed, I went over and saw all the other word hints in the riddle. Good one! ;-)

    It's a boat/ship, people!

  6. Hmm, reading these answers I think I became too hung up on the word 'reflection' and was thinking of Through The looking Glass. Can I change my mind to boat and in particular the boat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

  7. Ever since i switched to bloglovin' I keep missing the riddle when it is first published and now I have to go with the majority and say boat.

  8. Excellent guessing Riddlers! The answer has washed up on shore ; ) ~ F

  9. I cannot even make a guess on this one! Not a clue, although you gave plenty.


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