Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's Riddle! Take a Break!

Hello Riddlers! Here's the puzzle this week. Can you guess the theme? It won't be a mystery much longer ; ) ~ F

I am a different type of a break. I am not in a sentence, but something you take. When the moment is right and things in their place, seek out a spot and empty your space. Let it go- enjoy the day! Sit back and be merry, so they say. When the road traveled has been thoroughly tread, fond memories of me will swell in your head. But, fear not when I leave, for I lurk round' the bend, keeping in my pocket another fine day to lend. 

What am I?

I gave you a clue!

I would like a trip in this bus, wherever it is going : )


  1. Vacations...I know it for certain!

  2. I thought vacation before I saw the other comments. Guess we're all agreed so far!

  3. +JMJ+

    I "cheated" by peeking at everyone's answers before me. They're right: it's a vacation!

    But I'll come clean now and admit that my first thought after reading the riddle (before looking at the picture) was that it was a nap! LOL! I guess my naps just feel like vacations to me. ;-)

  4. I at first was thinking coffee break, until I saw all the other answers and figured vacation made more sense...and now I'm wondering how "keeping in my pocket another fine day to lend" fits it. Oh well.. I never guess any of them right, send me to the corner with the dunce hat. I have taken a few "breaks" there. ;)

  5. Hmm... I think sleeping/napping. It's always "'round the river bend"! ;)

  6. Oh, I guessed coffee break before I looked at the other comments. Guess I need to brush up on my riddle solving skills ;)

  7. I was thinking coffee too but I like the sound of vacation better.

  8. Fabulous guessing Riddlers! Let the answer take you away... (it's posted ; ) ~ F


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