Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Did you hear? Monday's Riddle is on Tuesday!

Hello Riddlers! We tricked you for April Fool's Day! Lizzy's review of the audio book The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel by Gregory Slomba was a fun part of Marvelous Middle Grade Monday hosted by Books, Ramblings, and Plenty of Shenanigans. We kicked off the week with a clue, so here's the riddle! You can put away your thinking cap today. It's another type of brain cap that you will need for this puzzle. ; ) ~ F

Quiet your mind and settle down- there's plenty of talk going 'round. Do you hear what you see? Are you lost in what may be? Thinking, thinking; more and more- when you stop, it's less a chore. Words depend on their story- when you're silent they reveal their glory. Live not through the thoughts you muddle through, it's all in the _________ that you do.

Fill in the missing word. Can you guess the theme?

I gave you a clue!


  1. I'm stumped! Maybe...LISTENING? *curious*

  2. Imagination? (or a word that fits the blank that comes from "imagine")

  3. It's all in the acts/things that you do. I'm right, right?

  4. Hmm, totally stumped! I was thinking along the same lines as C. Lee--in the "job" that you do, but I have no idea!

  5. Excellent guessing Riddlers! Did you hear? The answer is posted ; ) ~ F


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