Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday's Riddle! A Stolen Glance...

Good morning Riddlers! Here's this week's puzzle. Can you guess the theme? Marcus is our go-to man when the DMS needs one of these ; ) ~ F

I want to know what you do. I patiently watch and wait for a clue. Beware of me, for I can be clever- I'll tell what I've found to thwart the endeavor. Behind a newspaper or perched in a tree, maybe sitting in a cafe drinking some tea. My interest is keen when I study my charge, using my gadgets if you're at large. It's always an adventure when I track my case. My identity is masked, but perhaps not my face.

What am I? 

I gave you a clue!

The answer is happening in this picture  


  1. I need more coffee to figure this out. :)

  2. +JMJ+

    My guess is . . . a writer! The person is studying people in order to write about them as characters in a story. =)

  3. I'm guessing it is either a detective or a spy! :D

  4. I'm with Enbrethillel. It's lurking writer, gathering descriptions and dialog. How do I know that? Hmmmm. I wonder.

  5. I thought it was a detective, but I love the writer answer too!

  6. The answer is posted! Great guessing Riddlers : ) ~ F


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