Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday's Riddle! ~ Bound by Words ~

Hello Riddlers! It's Monday again! The week begins, and here's the puzzle. Can you guess the theme? I can find this about ten minutes from my house ; ) ~ F

To you, on the inside, I'm all about the story, holding many great places and tell tales of glory. I keep you comfortable on your adventure, while you wrestle with words or seek out a mentor. But, you must always remember to behave and be quiet. For, I 'm a treasure to some, like gold to a pirate. Bound in sum of my many pages, lay the maps and foundations of all of the ages. So, walk right in and breath in my space. Tis' true, on the outside, I wear a bland face.   

What am I? 

I gave you a clue!

Clue: I am in this picture ; ) 


  1. I was thinking imagination until the behave and be quiet part so I'll join the troop and say library :)

  2. Ahh this was an easier one today! Definitely the library! Now I can't wait to see how this theme plays out this week!

  3. Library...unless this is a trickier riddle than I thought! I can't believe I made it here on a Monday.

  4. a treasure to me too...a library!

  5. Library. First I thought is was a book, but after reading the rest (of the riddle), I figured it out! :)

  6. Great guessing everyone! The answer has been posted : ) ~ F


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