Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's Riddle! Shades of Light and Dark...

Hello everyone! Here's the riddle. It's a bit tricky, but I love the theme this week! Can you guess it? ~ F

I am the one who gives you the picture. I create a form when I blend my mixture. It matters not what I use. I can make you smile or give you the blues. In brilliant colors or black and white, I sew the thought with dark and light. Words and mind meld as one, as my hand puts to nothing what must be done. But, what will it be? Only I can know, for it's my own purpose that I must grow. 

What am I? 

Check back later if you need a clue!  
Sue O’Kieffe 2009


  1. This is so hard. I love it though. Could it be a good description . . . or a camera?

  2. I'm taking a walk to think about this. Just when I thought I was getting better at riddles you throw me a curve! I'll be back.

  3. What's a zentangle? I don't need MORE riddles I can't answer. :-)

    I'm back from my walk and I think the answer is either a TV show or a movie.

  4. What a lyrical riddle! "I sew the thought with light and dark" - love it.
    A photo?

  5. I was thinking photo or a painter.

  6. Fabulous guessing everyone! Thanks for dropping by. We are hosting a special guest on Friday to go along with our theme of painters/ illustrators this week. P.S- there's a hint in the riddle answer post ; ) ~ F

  7. This one made my mind go in a zillion directions. I though watercolors and then fabric to make a quilt.

  8. It's paint...or a paint brush?
    I love the circle...I have seen them before only in black and white!

  9. I would not have got this one – but I love the illustration.


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