Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Riddle: Far from Ordinary...

This is a tricky one! Can you guess the theme this week? Good luck : ) ~ F

Perhaps ordinary, as some may see. Sometimes a boot or a willow tree; a shoe that flies, a mirror that lies, a cape on your back or a red velvet sack. I am that thing to seek from any good story, bestowing on you either hardship or glory. An object of want, a token of trouble- these things I am, but never a double. 

What am I? 

I gave you a clue!


  1. It sounds like an accessory to me...
    lol. Such a girl :D

  2. man, I hate that I have to wait and check tomorrow for the answer! again. guess i am bad at riddles.

  3. Another great riddle! I'm going to guess an enchanted item.

  4. Its the one key item in every story of the item that is the key to everything...a book or a wand...

  5. The one thing that makes a person magical is my guess.

  6. I don't know what to call it. You're the object the MC requires. What is that called?

  7. Great guessing! Thanks for stopping in to check out the riddle. What a fun week ahead : ) ~ F


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