Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Riddle! Walking in Clown Shoes...

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! Here's today's riddle- see if you can guess the theme this week! ~ F

Just like a circus clown, I will shout you out, then shove you down. I  sneer, as they laugh and jeer. I seem big and bad, but small and sad. With words, I cut you deep. With hands, it's anger that I reap. I am a mad queen cutting off heads, a lost, little girl trying out beds; a super villain of hate, a scared, small boy taking the bait. You have power over me, if you just dare to see. My weapon is your gift of fear- without it, I wouldn't even draw near.

What am I?

Let me know if you need a clue! 


  1. Okay, I have no idea (clue please!), but I'm totally intrigued. :0)

  2. I guess I'll be checking back tomorrow for the answer!

  3. Oh, I'm no good at riddles. But I am intrigued.

  4. Tightrope Walker???
    or a lion? I am way off aren't I? (:

  5. The only thing I can think of is a nightmare? This one is tough.

  6. Great guesses everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out the riddle this week. Enbrethiliel got it! Awesome : ) ~ F

  7. I'm thinking a bully, maybe.


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