Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Storytellers Wanted!

The DMS loves swapping stories and is always on the lookout for great books to read and chat about. Currently, we are accepting review/interview requests for both children's picture books and middle grade novels. Children's picture books are featured on Margo's Musings. Lizzy's Book Review focuses on middle grade novels.

We believe in reading all stories that come our way, and when we find those that we truly enjoy, it is our honor to spotlight the book with a review, and then follow up with an author interview. This is a wonderful way for writers to connect with their readers, and we enjoy supporting those authors whose words have sparked our imaginations. Our online network reaches a diverse audience via the following social forums: Fairday's Blog!, The DMS Home Site, Author Tracker: News & UpdatesFairday on Facebook I Love Books on Facebook, Twitter, PinterestBook Blogs, CAPA (Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association), and locally, The Ridgefield Patch (CT news blog).

Our readers are wonderful and we can always count on their honest feedback. We appreciate you stopping by and we look forward to reading your material.

Click here to fill out the review/interview request form, and we will get back to you shortly.

Upcoming Author Interviews

March 23: Giles Phillips, author of The Fearsome Beastie
March 30: Ann Martin, author of The Baby Sitter's Club and Belle Teal
April 6: Kathy Erksine, author of Mockingbird 
April 20: Gueh Yanting, Claudine, author of My Clearest Me

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What Fairday's Blog! is all about...

Fairday's Riddles are posted on Mondays- they can be written about anything, and everything, all at the same time : )

Lizzy's Book Reviews are posted on Wednesdays. Lizzy has read just about every middle grade novel out there, and she loves to share her thoughts and, of course, her opinions.

The Top of the Heap is a post we put up on Thursdays. We thought it would be fun once a week to put up two things that we appreciate and have been thinking about during the week. I enjoy doing this post because I love the google hunt for the perfect image to accompany the topic of discussion.

Margo's Musings Fridays belong to Margo, Fairday's little sister. This post focuses on reviewing local children's book authors, which we follow up with an Author Interview.

The DMS Wants to Know was a post we came up with for Saturdays because when we get together to hang out on the weekend, we always chat about different situations and ideas that are floating around in our brains and we like to listen to what other people think about them- some of the comments we've gotten have been absolutely fascinating!


  1. I cannot wait for the Ann M Martin interview!!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

    1. Neither can we! Should be a great interview. Thanks for stopping by : ) ~ Jess & Stephanie

  2. What an awesome idea!!
    Nice blog!
    Thanks for visiting PrincessReviews! Check back often for new things!

    1. Thanks for coming by! Looking forward to visiting Princess Reviews : ) ~ Jess & Stephanie

  3. Look at the cute pic of you two! Love it.

    1. Thanks, Donna! My how time flies! ~Stephanie and Jess


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